Fan blower

a wheel with vanes fixed on a rotating shaft inclosed in a case or chamber, to create a blast of air (fan blast) for forge purposes, or a current for draft and ventilation; a fanner.

See also: Fan

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The unit operates via AA batteries, which power a fan blower designed to waft scent into your hunting area.
If the application is for a stand-alone system fan blower units can be positioned fitted within duct plenum sections directly within the space."
The fluctuation in speed was reduced to 3.05 times and coefficient of energy 3.11 times than that of conventional thresher By redesigning and redeveloping the direction of fan blower exhaust, the mean grain cleaning efficiency improved from 97.44 to 98.18 % causing elimination of grain loss through straw blowing process.
It includes a four-speed 570-cfm fan blower; an optional recirculation kit is available.
For example, a switch-on dewpoint feature can turn fan blower motors on as required, ensuring minimum regeneration to maintain setpoint.
“The newest iteration of the product builds upon its current foundation of intelligently extending the fan blower to maximize HVAC system efficiency, which is proven to reduce Consumers electric bills by 15-20%,” says Howdy Hudson, a principal of LHDBS.