Fancy ball

a ball in which porsons appear in fanciful dresses in imitation of the costumes of different persons and nations.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
Everybody was dressed for a Fancy Ball that was never to leave off.
He was driven on, and other carriages came whirling by in quick succession; the Minister, the State-Projector, the Farmer-General, the Doctor, the Lawyer, the Ecclesiastic, the Grand Opera, the Comedy, the whole Fancy Ball in a bright continuous flow, came whirling by.
Some of the Fancy Ball School in which art occasionally condescends to become a master, which would be best catalogued like the miscellaneous articles in a sale.
Cinderella attends a fancy ball one night in secret thanks to her fairy godmother, leaves in a hurry, and forgets her glass slipper.
Petrzalka has again opted for a fancy ball. It will take place in the local culture house Zrkadlovy Haj on February 2.
If invited to a fancy ball, one is in "tall cotton," but if the invitation never arrived in the mail, you might be sad or "in low cotton." Cotton can be used as a verb, as in you might not "cotton" to going to a fancy ball.
While a car wash may be a little easier than a fancy ball, someone has to plan, advertise, and invite and thank everyone.
"I got all the costumes: Batman, ghosts, 'sperm man,' gas masks, fancy ball masks.
She added that she does not understand how wearing a fancy ball gown would give rise to a lawsuit against her.
Moments later some fancy ball skills from Jake Edwards set up James McPike but his shot hit the post.
The generalization that "most elite girls marked their change in status with a special occasion, such as a fancy ball" (119) is simply not true; this book would have benefitted greatly with the substitution of the word "some" or "many" for "most." Jabour repeats the terms "coming out" and "debut" with far more frequency than they actually occur in Southern antebellum letters, and, by linking these terms with formal balls, imposes the full weight of our contemporary reading of "coming out" onto antebellum social practices.
In fact she'll be right at home in all the fancy ball gowns she'll be expected to wear in her role as Princess.: HOLLY HOLYOAKE:Name: Holly Holyoake Age: 19 Job: Classical music singer From: Duffryn, Newport.