Fancy store

one where articles of fancy and ornament are sold.

See also: Fancy

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If a shopper is looking for a fancy store brand pizza, they need look no further than Cincinnati-based The Kroger Co.'s Private Selection line, which offers highbrow flavors such as Tarte Flambee With Bacon Lardons, Five Cheese & Marmalade and French Goat Cheese & Marinated Vegetables.
The Facebook postings from someone who calls himself 'Da Kalabidong,' an alias taken after the name of the huge species of bats, show a fancy store, which sells products one finds in big cities.
A fancy store of brand name clothes, shoes or eyewear is the draw for shoppers, but its corner could support stalls for bangles, slippers or used cell phones, while the footpath can seat a fruit or chat stand.
Truly, it's one of those places that define the word simplicity-no mobile phone or Internet connection, no electricity, no fancy store, but with a whole lot of the simple things that matter.
The kind of look you get from the shop assistant when you walk into a fancy store you clearly cannot afford.
It will take some time for the area to recover from the devastation that took place," said Lal Kumar Acharya, the owner of Sakar Setinag fancy store.
I began in 1913 as a fancy store in Milan, offering leather bags and luxury accessories.
Dalia Metwali says that she has to rush to her car every time she buys something from a fancy store because "beggars descend on me like vultures".
Maybe some fancy store might stack them but priced so high that even looking at them makes you feel guilty.
Lassaw, full of praise for the wonderful table they had seen in a very fancy store in Shanghai.