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a.1.New made; hence, gaudy; showy; vainly decorated. [Obs., except with the prefix new.] See Newfangled.
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"I mean those new fangled novels, twisting and writhing themselves in the dust of commonplace, which also expect to find a reading public."
There is this new fangled thing called the internet where you go to look for a job now.
Yet in rural Scotland, even in sizeable towns, 2G is new fangled.
It takes place at the tail end of 1925, when Lady Mary gets a new fangled contraption called a hairdryer and the Dowager Countess (Dame Maggie Smith) learns of Sprat's moonlighting.
Like most people, I also realise that I am not going to get the speed being advertised unless I'm in range of a tower equipped with this new fangled technology and have an appropriate handset.
(Are all things fangled always and forever new ) My California years got exotic pizza experiments out of my system.
Octave as being a fashion brand that avoids all the fangled fabrics and sticks to 100 per cent cotton and that makes brand stand out.
"New Fangled Piecing: Faster & Easier" is a 96 page instructional compendium provides four simple strategies to speed up the piecing process in a whole new way and cut down on how long it takes to sew the quilt top so you can have more time to either quilt the top or piece another one.
Mounty-capped, black leather belts fangled with pistols, bullets,
There are just certain things that I feel need to remain "old school" my bathroom habits are but a few of them, I mean, I really don't care what new fangled way they come up with...