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a.1.Destitute of fangs or tusks.
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We cannot estimate the affright which this plague inspired of yore, by contemplating it as the fangless monster of the present day.
When Bertrade de Montfort regained her senses she was in bed in a strange room, and above her bent an old woman; a repulsive, toothless old woman, whose smile was but a fangless snarl.
The first song on No Cities, titled Price Tag bemoans consumerism among today's young but in a punk, not whiny, manner; the second, Fangless, which opens with an instantly infectious drum line followed by the guitars, has a beat to dance to; and on it goes with nary a song that displeases.
Critics deride the contemporary lyric as limp and fangless.
College history professor Adam Johnson (above) is an ancient vampire, fangless since killing the love of his life.