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n.1.One who fans.
2.A fan wheel; a fan blower. See under Fan.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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In spite of her immense age (three, years), it rang between the canon-like frames as a pibroch rings in a mountain pass; the fanners changed their note, and repeated it up in every gallery; and the broad-winged drones, burly and eager, ended it on one nerve-thrilling outbreak of bugles: "La Reine le veult!
``wilt thou come with thy fanners to purge the thrashing-floor?''
Detective Chief Inspector Jon Fanner said: "This is a major development in our task of achieving justice for Valerie and her family."
Det Chief Insp Jon Fanner said: "This is a major development in our task of achieving justice for Valerie and her family."
Detective Chief Inspector Jon Fanner said: "We have worked closely with the Crown Prosecution Service throughout and they have authorised the prosecution.
Mattel had some of the best in my opinion, many of them in the Shootin' Shell line--Winchester Model 1892, Snubnose .38, Fanner 50, Colt SAA, Colt Revolving Carbine, Remington Rolling Block and others that were not Shootin' Shell specimens, but just as authentic like an M3 Grease Gun, Thompson SMG and Winchester Model 97 shotgun.
Ramirez identified the injured as Myrna Canderia Doctor, 51; Nina Marie Sacayan Morello, 27; Glennis Belino Gianan, 40; Jinky Fanner Oborza, 27; Rhalf Fanner Oborza, 4; Florabel Laurito Medina, 40; Mark Anthony Binaohan Gonzales,34; Mark Leo Ace Marson Gonzales, 4; Jazz Gonzales Lano, 6; Cian Laurora Sartiel, 3; and Emma Hunsay, 74.
"Why are we allowing any form of aerobatics to be performed when there is now doubt concerning any pilot's ability to avoid becoming cognitively impaired from the normal G forces that will be experienced during an aerobatic display?" Detective Inspector Jon Fanner, of Sussex Police, said he respected the verdict but defended the decision to bring charges following "a long and complex investigation".
An AI system then analyses the images, separating wheat from weeds and giving the fanner an accurate map of every plant, letting them allocate resources efficiently.
At age 16, according to an article in the Genesee Fanner, Case saw an article announcing the demonstration of a groundhog thresher.
Theresa Gaffney, an organic lowbush blueberry fanner in Maine, has worked with a number of extension specialists from the University of Maine to develop her farm, Highland Organics & Highland Blueberry Farm, including value-added products and her business plan.