Fannie Mae

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Fan·nie Mae

 (făn′ē mā′)
One of two federally chartered corporations that buy and pool US mortgages and issue securities based on those pools.

[Alteration of F(ederal) N(ational) M(ortgage) A(ssociation).]

Fannie Mae

(ˈfænɪ meɪ)
(in the US) an informal name for the Federal National Mortgage Association: a private company that buys and sells mortgage debt
[C20: altered from the initials FNMA]

Fan•nie Mae

(ˈfæn i ˈmeɪ)

1. a congressionally chartered private corporation that supplies funds for home mortgages through continuous purchases of mortgages from lending institutions.
2. any of the publicly traded securities collateralized by a pool of mortgages backed by Fannie Mae.
[1950–55; altered from the initials FNMA Federal National Mortgage Association, the former name]
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Noun1.Fannie Mae - a federally chartered corporation that purchases mortgages
corp, corporation - a business firm whose articles of incorporation have been approved in some state
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"We are pleased to see continued strong participation in our new issue transactions, as well as a robust and liquid secondary market," said Laurel Davis, Vice President of Credit Risk Transfer, Fannie Mae. "We remain committed to promoting the ongoing growth of the credit risk transfer market."
"I am honored with this opportunity to lead Fannie Mae and to play a part in the company's important contributions to the housing finance system," said Frater.
Fannie Mae provides a source of liquidity to the mortgage market and supports the availability and affordability of housing in the US.
CAS 2019-R01 is Fannie Mae's first credit risk transfer transaction of 2019.
Fitch's assessment of Fannie Mae incorporates the company's use of third-party vendors to perform asset management and disposition services for REO assets.
"To the best of our knowledge, [the] FHFA has not approved any of the proposed features in Fannie Mae's architectural and engineering plans nor has it reviewed or approved proposed expenditures by Fannie Mae for these features," the OIG said.
* Sutton Place Apartments, Corpus Christi, TX -- This 201-unit multifamily property received $10,750,000 funded under the Fannie Mae DUS Loan product line.
Fannie Mae was chartered by Congress to create liquidity and promote affordable housing in the mortgage market.
Fannie Mae provides more than 50 percent of all secondary market funds available for multifamily housing finance, according to a company report on the small multifamily loan market in the first quarter of 2011.
Fannie Mae said the quarterly loss came as rising defaults kept credit-related expenses elevated at $11.9 billion, though expenses were almost half the third quarter level of $22.0 billion.
Per Fannie Mae Announcement 09-14, effective in early 2010, Fannie will require all necessary appraisal reports and their addenda to be submitted electronically in the MISMO[R] extensible markup language (XML) standard.
Both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are US government "sponsored" home loan banks.