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(ˈfænsaɪt) ,



fan site

(Computer Science) a website dedicated to a particular person or subject and run by a fan or fans of the person or subject


fan-site, fan site [ˈfænsaɪt] n (on the Internet)site m de fans
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Gail Shea hit back after the star slammed the country's "greedy and barbaric" seal hunting on his fansite last week.
While news of the protest is spreading, the fansite insists that the MTV walkout isn't because fans are "butt hurt," but merely because they want a chance to say goodbye to the vampire phenomenon.
Asked if she'd spotted any other handsome footy stars, she admits on Skrtel's fansite: "Well ...
Agem of a fansite this is a real labour of love with a massive photo gallery from Scott and Charlene and Lou Carpenter, to the current crop of Antipodean actors.
He said: "It's because we all need to laugh, or in the case of the last one, squirm.' The guys have released pictures of themselves in their studio and now we know why Gary's posting so many messages on his fansite - he's got a shiny new Apple notebook
The sexy maths whizz laughs: "I am aware of some of the things about me on the internet - like people putting up pictures of me online every single day on something called Rachel Watch!" The fansite promises readers an "unashamedly biased and unapologetically sexist" assessment of her dress choices.
She has logged on to the chat box of her fansite, GaGaDaily, and talked about her upcoming studio album, crediting the influence of her Liverpool stay.
Mr Human, who runs an internet fansite for the vehicle, chose Spinal Research due to the number of spinal injuries sustained by driving.
Indeed, they had released the album earlier on the Asian market, as well as to members of their fansite. A band insider told music mag NME: 'It's a miracle it hasn't leaked before now, to be honest.
It all started when ( Justin Bieber fans uncovered a tweet allegedly sent by the "Boyfriend" singer on May 17 that read: "thank you for the time i had with you but i have to move on now.." The tweet was deleted from the superstar's account quickly after it was posted, but the fansite ( Justin Bieber Zone caught a screenshot via iPhone before it disappeared forever.
Indeed,they had released the album earlier on the Asian market,as well as to members of their fansite.
Owen bought the domain name in 2001,but soon after launching the fansite,Warner Brothers wrote to him telling he had no right to use the web address.