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A measure of the electric charge carried by one mole of electrons, used in electrolysis as the quantity of charge required to deposit or liberate one gram equivalent weight of a substance, approximately 9.6494 × 104 coulombs.

[After Michael Faraday.]
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(Biography) Michael. 1791–1867, English physicist and chemist who discovered electromagnetic induction, leading to the invention of the dynamo. He also carried out research into the principles of electrolysis


(Units) a quantity of electricity, used in electrochemical calculations, equivalent to unit amount of substance of electrons. It is equal to the product of the Avogadro number and the charge on the electron and has the value 96 487 coulombs per mole. Symbol: F
[C20: named after Michael Faraday]
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(ˈfær ə di, -ˌdeɪ)

1. Michael, 1791–1867, English physicist.
2. a unit of electricity used in electrolysis, equal to 96,500 coulombs.
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A unit of electric charge, equal to about 96,494 coulombs, used to measure the electricity required to break down a compound by electrolysis.
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Noun1.Faraday - the English physicist and chemist who discovered electromagnetic induction (1791-1867)Faraday - the English physicist and chemist who discovered electromagnetic induction (1791-1867)
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