Farm Credit System

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Noun1.Farm Credit System - a cooperative nationwide system of banks and associations providing credit to farmers and related businesses; originally capitalized by the federal government but now owned by its members and borrowers
banking industry, banking system - banks collectively
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We still believe Congress is missing an opportunity to reform the outdated, unfair and unreasonable tax advantages enjoyed by credit unions and the Farm Credit System.
With over USD100bn in total assets, AgriBank is a bank within the national Farm Credit System.
ICBA and community banks across the nation are disappointed that the tax reform process has, thus far, ignored the significant and increasing base erosion caused by the burgeoning tax-exempt credit union industry and tax-advantaged Farm Credit System," ICBA President/CEO Camden Fine said in a letter to the leaders of the tax conference committee on Thursday.
CoBank is a member of the Farm Credit System, a nationwide network of banks and retail lending associations chartered to support the borrowing needs of US agriculture, rural infrastructure and rural communities.
The final rule being announced today exempts from the Agencies' margin requirements the non-cleared swaps of commercial end users, small banks, savings associations, Farm Credit System institutions, and credit unions with $10 billion or less in total assets.
Putnam hesitates to acknowledge any one person responsible for the Farm Credit System concept.
Department of Agriculture (USDA), CoBank, which is a member of the Farm Credit System and serves America's rural region, will be the fund's anchor investor.
The Farm Credit Administration board of directors has voted to withdraw a proposed rule that opponents say would have allowed Farm Credit System (FCS) institutions continue to undertake "non-farm lending activities under the guise of investment programs.
Much of this debt was provided by the Farm Credit System, individuals selling land on contract and commercial banks.
The Farm Credit System is asking for changes in its lending authority that would allow a wide expansion of its charter to offer loans and other financial services to businesses that weren't previously included in its lending mandate.
2007, the Senate passed its version of the Farm Bill without any increase in the lending authority of the Farm Credit System.
The Farm Credit System is a great example of an organization that wants to do more but whose charter is mired in the past.

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