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"Yes, sir, near Farnham, on the borders of Surrey."
Now, Miss Violet, what has happened to you, near Farnham, on the borders of Surrey?"
So it ended by my accepting, and I went down to Chiltern Grange, about six miles from Farnham. Mr.
You must know that every Saturday forenoon I ride on my bicycle to Farnham Station, in order to get the 12:22 to town.
On Monday you will arrive early at Farnham; you will conceal yourself near Charlington Heath; you will observe these facts for yourself, and act as your own judgment advises.
At Farnham Station I had no difficulty in being directed to Charlington Heath.
However, it seemed to me that I had done a fairly good morning's work, and I walked back in high spirits to Farnham. The local house agent could tell me nothing about Charlington Hall, and referred me to a well known firm in Pall Mall.
Take this note as hard as you can ride to Farnham..
The cache was to be sought out by two of the clerks, named Russell Farnham and Donald M'Gilles, conducted by a guide, and accompanied by eight men, to assist in bringing home the goods.
But how important an element enclosure is, I plainly saw near Farnham, in Surrey.
At Farnham he stopped to view the Bishop's Castle and to partake of a light dinner of stewed eels, veal cutlets, and French beans, with a bottle of claret.
Woodlands and Hill Brow Ltd provide care for the elderly specialising in nursing, dementia, residential and day care, with four homes locally in Farnham and Fleet.