Farouk I

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Fa·rouk I

also Fa·ruk I  (fə-ro͞ok′) 1920-1965.
King of Egypt (1936-1952) who lost support of his army after Egypt's military loss to Israel (1948) and was overthrown (1952) by a coup d'état led by Gamal Nasser.

Farouk I

(fəˈruːk) or

Faruk I

(Biography) 1920–65, last king of Egypt (1936–52). He was forced to abdicate (1952)

Fa•ruk I

or Fa•rouk I

(fəˈruk, fɑ-)
1920–65, king of Egypt from 1936 until his abdication in 1952.
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Noun1.Farouk I - king of Egypt who in 1952 was ousted by a military coup d'etat (1920-1965)
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King Farouk I inherited his father's antiques and added to the museum many pieces from his own private collection, collected from European auctions mostly dating back to the 18th century.
Archive -- King Farouk's Bedroom Suit CAIRO - 18 January 2018: Two days ago, social media users received shocking news about the historical bedroom suite of King Farouk I, which was stolen from the royal family's lounge at Giza Zoo.
Farouk is known for performing Umm Kulthum's songs because of the distinctiveness and strength of her voice.