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 (fär-sā′ləs, fär′sä-)
An ancient city of Thessaly in northeast Greece. Julius Caesar decisively defeated Pompey nearby in 48 bc.


(Placename) an ancient town in Thessaly in N Greece. Several major battles were fought nearby, including Caesar's victory over Pompey (48bc)


(fɑrˈseɪ ləs)

an ancient city in central Greece, in Thessaly: site of Caesar's victory over Pompey, 48 b.c.
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Noun1.Pharsalus - Caesar defeated Pompey in 48 BC
Ellas, Greece, Hellenic Republic - a republic in southeastern Europe on the southern part of the Balkan peninsula; known for grapes and olives and olive oil
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Contract notice: operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment plant, municipality of farsala.
From 1995 until 2006, Thomas Nasiou worked as a mill manager and head of quality control at Selected Textiles SA, in Farsala, Greece.
You will no doubt already have read plenty of articles about Maria, the little blonde girl discovered living with a Roma couple in the Greek city of Farsala.
The four-year-old blonde girl made international headlines when she was found living with a Roma couple -- who were not her real parents -- in the Greek town of Farsala.
DNA tests have now solved part of the mystery of Maria, the child called the "blond angel" by Greek media after she was discovered during a police raid on a Roma camp in Farsala, Greece.
Maria was found last week in a raid on a gypsy camp in Farsala, 180 miles north of Athens.
Several of Sasha's children living with her at Gurkovo, in Bulgaria's Stara Zagora region, are albino and bear a striking resemblance to Maria, who was discovered at a Roma camp in Farsala, 180 miles north of Athens.
Unlike the case in Greece where a girl, known as Maria, was found in a settlement near Farsala, DNA tests have yet to be carried out.
Unlike the case where a girl, known as Maria, was found in a gypsy settlement near Farsala in central Greece, DNA tests have yet to confirm that the couple she was found with are not her parents.
She was found in a gypsy settlement near Farsala in central Greece during a police raid LOOKING for drugs, firearms and fugitives.
She was discovered living in a Gypsy camp near the Greek town of Farsala last Wednesday after a raid by police looking for drugs and weapons.
Authorities in Greece police have asked Interpol to help them identify and possibly track down the real parents of the blonde girl with green eyes, known as Maria, who is believed to be four years old She was spotted peeking out from under a blanket at a Roma settlement near the town of Farsala during a police sweep on Wednesday.