n.1.(Glass Making) A wire basket on the end of a rod to carry glass bottles, etc., to the annealing furnace; also, an iron rod to be thrust into the mouths of bottles, and used for the same purpose; - called also pontee and punty.
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A major provider of financial technology solutions, Fascet LLC, is now an approved hosting provider of Advent Software, Inc.
As part of the partnership, Fascet has become an approved provider of managed hosting services to companies that make use of Advent's award-winning solutions for portfolio management, reporting, accounting, trading, compliance, margin and finance management, and other kekey functions.
In conjunction with a 12 year experience of working with Advent clients and solutions, Fascet's Platform-as-a-Service (PS) hosting and distribution model, generates a highly scalable trading and operations infrastructure for investment managers.
In addition, Fascet offers an innovative support model where Fascet's Advent-certified consultants resolve client service requests.
Founder and Senior Partner of Fascet, LLC, Brian Baskinger, said : "We are excited about this new relationship with Advent because it allows us to combine our experience managing private cloud infrastructures with our in-house Advent product expertise.
* Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Consultation, Education and Training Services (FASCETS)- www.FASCETS.org (located in Portland, Oregon)