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 (fă-sēn′, fə-)
A cylindrical bundle of sticks bound together for use in construction, as of fortresses, earthworks, sea walls, or dams.

[French, from Latin fascīna, from fascis, bundle.]


(fæˈsiːn; fə-)
(Building) a bundle of long sticks used for filling in ditches and in the construction of embankments, roads, fortifications, etc
[C17: from French, from Latin fascīna; see fasces]


(fæˈsin, fə-)

a bundle of sticks bound together, used as reinforcement in the construction of earthworks, as dikes and ramparts.
[1680–90; < French < Latin fascīna. See fasces, -ine3]


 long cylindrical bundle of wood bound together for use in construction of dams, jetties, etc., 1688.
References in classic literature ?
They also saw, amidst this terrible fire, which filled the air with whistling hisses, officers handling the shovel, soldiers rolling barrows, and vast fascines, rising by being either carried or dragged by from ten to twenty men, cover the front of the trench reopened to the center by this extraordinary effort of the general.
Development of rifts in embankments of rivers purchase of land for development,- Repair of damaged embankments insurance,- The execution of mattresses reticular-stone,- Execution of individual bands from the bowels fascine,- Replacement of damaged elements of the band fascines.
Des Chinois, munis de cameras, semblent fascines par la beaute des lieux.
Ils seront certainement fascines par la beaute et la proprete de ses rues ainsi que par la richesse et la diversite des fresques murales qui y animent.
Fascines par l'histoire du pays, le soleil et la mer, les hotes du Royaume optent generalement soit pour le circuit des villes imperiales soit pour le balneaire, deux segments traditionnels du Royaume.
Mon experience personnelle m'a appris que tant les enseignants que les etudiants sont fascines d'approfondir leurs connaissances sur le role que joue la competence pragmatique dans la transmission du vrai sens de leur message.
Deux yokozuna, le plus haut grade dans le monde du sumo, ont effectue hier mardi leur pelerinage du Nouvel An dans un temple shintoiste de Tokyo, devant quelque 3000 spectateurs fascines par ce rituel.
Dans un premier temps, nous avons ete fascines par ces narrations, et en particulier par le fait qu'elles se situent avant et apres la guerison.
In 1746 they maintained 1700 Canadians in their districts the whole Summer waiting for the Arrival of Duke Danville's Fleet and when part of the Forces came before the Fort, they assisted them, and made all their Fascines, and were to have joined in the attempt, being all Armed by the French.
I was driving a front loader, a big civilian tractor with a load of fascines in the bucket.
Soil bioengineering techniques were used above this elevation--specifically live fascines, brush mattresses, and live stakes--to stabilize the upper bank slope.