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(Placename) a small town in SE Sudan: scene of a diplomatic incident (1898) in which French occupation of the fort at Fashoda caused a crisis between France and Great Britain. Modern name: Kodok


(fəˈʃoʊ də)

a village in the SE Sudan, on the White Nile: conflict of British and French colonial interests 1898 (Fasho′da In`cident). Modern name, Kodok.
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I should say that to-night we are nearer war, if we can summon enough spirit to fight, than we have been since Fashoda."
The political character of the Jellaba and the intelligentsia who inherited government institutions of post-colonial Sudan didn't become different from that of Jihadists of the Mahdiyya (1885 -- 1898) who unleashed havoc in Southern Sudan to extract resources for the upkeep of nepotistic, corrupt, brutal, famine-stricken and slaves trading regime of Khalifa Abdullahai Al-Taishi (e.g., the notorious Jihadist Zaki al-Tamal beheaded the Shilluk King Yor Akoch of Fashoda after capturing him in a fierce battle of Nigiir, and Karmallah al-Kerkasawi tried to Islamize by force the tribes of the Lado Enclave but was ferociously resisted by King Gbudwe Bazingbi of Azande who was eliminated by British later).
In this respect, Sightsavers, in partnership with the State Ministry of Health is supporting Trachoma Control Program in Nasir and Fashoda County to;
Fashoda Road in Selly Park was deluged under six inches of water as the River Rea burst its banks after torrential rain last Thursday.
By the middle of the nineteenth century the countries had been allies in the Crimean War and tunnel ideas were current; they went into cold storage during and after the Franco-Prussian war and deteriorated in the 1890s (aggravated by the "Fashoda incident') until, stimulated by the Frncophile Edward VII, the 1904 Anglo-French protocol nicknamed the `Entente Cordiale' was signed.
A few prominent examples are Lord Salisbury's speeches during the Fashoda crisis of 1898, Lloyd George's Mansion House speech during the Agadir crisis of 1911, Kennedy's televised speech announcing the presence of Soviet missiles in Cuba, and Bush's many declarations on Kuwait in 1990 (including the "this will not stand" remark).(13) By contrast, even more forceful public bluster by authoritarian leaders (e.g., Hitler, Khrushchev, Mao, and Saddam Hussein) appears to create fewer credible audience costs, and to have correspondingly lower value as signals of intent.
Koang claimed Kalageny in Fashoda was attacked and captured from the army by rebel after it came under attack from joined forces loyal to the former agriculture minister, Lam Akol and Riek Machar.
In Birmingham, residents in Fashoda Road, Selly Park, saw their street flooded by six inches of water from the River Rea.
Similar common sense did not prevent the two countries from almost going to war over Fashoda in 1898.
Meanwhile, in Fashoda state at 10:00 am, he says the government forces attacked the SPLA-IO position in Pakuah between Malakal and Tonga.
Officers who swooped on the house in Fashoda Road, Selly Oak, discovered more than 400 mature cannabis plants almost ready for harvest in most rooms.
On Monday, the SPLA spokesperson Brig Gen Lulu Ruai Koang issued a statement accusing the rebels of carrying out attacks on the government forces in five states: Yei River, Northern Liech, Amadi, Awiel East and Fashoda, in the last 24 to 72 hours.