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Noun1.fastnacht - doughnut traditionally eaten on Shrove Tuesdayfastnacht - doughnut traditionally eaten on Shrove Tuesday
raised doughnut - a doughnut made light with yeast rather than baking powder
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Summary: New Delhi [India], Feb 14 (ANI): When the Christmas festivities are over and the January blues are behind, Switzerland comes alive to celebrate their 'Carnival' or 'Fasnacht'.
An 18-year-old was dumped into a cauldron of boiling water during the "Fasnacht" or "witches' parade" in Eppingen, Germany, on Saturday causing her to sustain second-degree burns on her legs.
Far from being an insult, this porcelain beauty actually depicts one of the 20,000 masked participants who take part in the annual Basle Fasnacht - The Carnival of Basel - Switzerland's largest popular festival.
WASHINGTON--Chandra Brady, Daisy Delmore, Tim Fasnacht, Richard Morgan.
While in the seminary, Fasnacht brainstormed ways to connect with people who were outside of the church.
As I write this review, the medieval carnival of Basel, called Fasnacht, rages outside.
These works and Heidi Fasnacht's panoramic photomontage, "London Blitz" (2011), palpably situate the individual within our nuclear era, as if across from us in the mirror.
(9.) Fokstuen S, Artan S, Dutly F, Brecevic L, Fasnacht M, Rothlisberger B, Schinzel A.
Operation Lifesaver has been educating the public about railroad safety, and the public should follow its advice, writes Eric Fasnacht, plant manager in Peoria, Ill., for Archer Daniels Midland.
But if you want to catch the Basler Fasnacht, the biggest annual carnival in Switzerland, then consider visiting in February.
Fasnacht (2009) defende que a visao da empresa para o futuro e sempre buscar a inovacao como forma de atuar em um mercado, o que para ela e uma forma de obter uma vantagem competitiva sustentavel e/ou de buscar crescimento sustentavel dos negocios.