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Second, he has sex with a giant extragalactic cockroach and, in the process, becomes a hero, single-handedly solving the galaxy's need for a new source of faster-than-light travel after the Qhigarians, a species who previously controlled all hyperjumps with their minds, leave the galaxy.
ConsenSys Ventures, will give entrepreneurs a unique faster-than-light jump
According to Ethereum co-founder and ConsenSys founder Joseph Lubin, "The Tachyon accelerator, an extension of ConsenSys Ventures, will give entrepreneurs a unique faster-than-light jump start with the unprecedented opportunity to access the deep network of ConsenSys founders and technologists who have years of expertise building on the Ethereum platform.
The last time physicists had to deal with faster-than-light travel was six years ago, when a group of Italy-based physicists announced that they had seen the subatomic particles known as neutrinos going faster than light.
IBT: Is faster-than-light travel entirely out of the question?
(It doesn't allow for faster-than-light communication because additional information has to be sent through standard channels.)
The author explains the concepts of physics and astronomy used in science fiction films, television series, novels, and short stories, in relation to the solar system, interstellar and faster-than-light travel, intelligent planets, dark matter, the multiverse and string theory, time travel, alternate universes, teleportation and replication, weaponry, force fields, extraterrestrial life, subatomic life, emotional robots, super-human and parapsychological powers, asteroid impacts, space colonies, and other aspects.
(4) Using the Feynman path integral (PI) approach to quantum field theory that includes particles emerging from the vacuum going faster-than-light, I speculate that there are two basic quantum fields: a real Higgs field capable of generating real positive mass particles (fermions) and an imaginary Higgs field capable of generating mind-like imaginary mass particles (tachyons).
Faster-than-light travel or communication, A.I., humanoid android companions, time travel, force fields, and teleportation all continue to elude real-world scientists and engineers, despite what we were promised as 20th century readers of science fiction.
The more extreme science fiction concepts like faster-than-light transport (warp-drive), time-travel, self-aware computers and teleportation (transporter) systems deal with basic physics principles that may never be shown to be possible, or at least not within our lifetimes.
These fluctuations were blown up to immense size in the first fraction of a second when the universe doubled and redoubled its size 60 times over in a faster-than-light growth spurt known as inflation.
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