Fasting day

a fast day; a day of fasting.

See also: Fast

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Before attending the event, Akmal performed his Maghrib prayers to mark the end of the fasting day at the Masjid An-Nur at [email protected]
"In fact, he wanted to complete the fasting day but we stopped him because he is still too young to abstain from eating for that many hours."
by Times News ServiceOats porridge consumed at Suhoor will be a filling diet for the long fasting day.
It was Ramadan in Dubai and the media had thoughtfully highlighted the fact that the average fasting day would be an agonising 15 hours long.
I've tried it before but got hungry on fasting day one, ate a chicken tikka kebab and gave up.
But when fasting day or season (such as Lent) arrives, does it find you scanning your pantry shelves in a panic, wondering what in the world to cook for dinner?
And if you do, and you find your scales are suddenly pointing at your goal weight, you can drop down to one fasting day a week to keep it all off.
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One of these tiny but wonderful macaroons, scented with cardamom, may be the perfect end to your fasting day to help curb any sweet cravings.
Yemen announced that today would be the first fasting day.
The day after each solstice is a designated fasting day, followed by an exercise that should be performed early in the morning for spiritual and physical health.