Fasting day

a fast day; a day of fasting.

See also: Fast

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Manama: Algerians will have the longest fasting day in the Arab world this Ramadan with abstention from food and drink for up to 16 hours and 44 minutes.
I've tried it before but got hungry on fasting day one, ate a chicken tikka kebab and gave up.
But when fasting day or season (such as Lent) arrives, does it find you scanning your pantry shelves in a panic, wondering what in the world to cook for dinner?
She told NCR that Australia's fasting day (March 17) would call Catholics, as citizens of one of the highest per capita emissions countries, "to play our part" in addressing climate change.
And if you do, and you find your scales are suddenly pointing at your goal weight, you can drop down to one fasting day a week to keep it all off.
One of these tiny but wonderful macaroons, scented with cardamom, may be the perfect end to your fasting day to help curb any sweet cravings.
Yemen announced that today would be the first fasting day.
The day after each solstice is a designated fasting day, followed by an exercise that should be performed early in the morning for spiritual and physical health.
During the fasting day, which begins at dawn and continues until immediately after sunset, Muslims must refrain from drinking, eating, smoking and sexual relations - the subjection of the passions and the appetites, being designed to purify the soul and bring it close to God.
On the eve of Yom Kippur last year, Jewish youths in the Israeli town of Acre attacked an Arab man who drove into a mostly Jewish district disturbing the start of the 24-hour fasting day.
Israeli PM Ariel Sharon, says the government will consider a delay of three weeks until the middle of August to begin a planned withdrawal from the Gaza Strip to avoid clashing with a Jewish fasting day.
As I chew slowly away at a single forest fruit yoghurt break (74 calories) for my lunch, washed down with a black coffee, I reflect that I still never really get intense or prolonged pangs of hunger even on a fasting day.