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also Fat·i·mah  (făt′ə-mə) 606?-632?
Daughter of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. She married Ali, among the first to embrace Islam, and is regarded by Muslims as one of the Four Perfect Women.


A village of west-central Portugal north-northeast of Lisbon. It became a pilgrimage site after the reported appearance of the Virgin Mary to three children in 1917.
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Noun1.Fatimah - youngest daughter of the prophet Mohammed and wife of the fourth calif Ali; revered especially by Shiite Muslims (606-632)
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With: Attila Pesyani, Mahmoud Kalari, Ahmad Hamed, Omid Rohani, Fatemeh Motamed Arya, Reza Kianian, Mahnaz Afshar, Mitra Gorji, Rana Azadivar, Shima Zareh, Kazem Darvish.
Earlier on Tuesday, Arezou Hakimi grabbed 200m kayak gold and Fatemeh Karamjani snatched silver in the same class.
Another photo in the series (left) shows Raana Pur-Amrai, 38, and her eight-year-old daughter Fatemeh Qalandari, residents of Lorestan province.
Gilaneh Fatemeh Motamed Arya Maygol Baran Kosari Ishmael Bahram Radan With: Jaleh Sameti, Shahrokh Foroutanian, Majid Bahrami.
Fatemeh Jazini also pocketed the second silver medal for Iran in the 12-15 age group of girl's Daoshu competitions, having earned 9.10 points.
Tough to leave ones country: The two poets who fled Iran last month, Fatemeh Ekhtesari (photo) and Mehdi Musavi, still wont reveal where they have taken refuge because they haven't gotten papers yet.
With: Jamsheed Mashayekhi, Dariush Asadzadeh, Fatemeh Motamed Arya, Hedeyeh Tehrani.
Fatemeh Khonakdar managed to overcome her Italian, Kazakh, Macedonian, Lithuanian and German opponents to cruise into the final content of women's minus 53-kilogram category, where she beat a representative from Uzbekistan 3-1 to receive the gold medal.
Fatemeh Ekhtesari and Mehdi Mousavi had been among the large number of journalists, writers and dissidents swept up by the government in the crackdown that is routinely launched before Majlis elections.
With: Laura Mulvey, Sheila Whitaker, Rose Issa, Rakhshan Bani-Etemad, Tahmineh Milani, Shirin Neshat, Fatemeh Motamed-Aria, Niki Karimi, Samira Makhmalbaf:
Iran topped general classification, having scooped two gold medals through Fatemeh Khonakdar and Negin Altoni in the minus 53-kilogram ad over 59-kilogram weight categories, respectively.
Among the major figures to file are two children of former President Ali-Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani--daughter Fatemeh and eldest son Mohsen.