Father Brown

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Noun1.Father Brown - a Catholic priest who was the hero of detective stories by G. K. Chesterton
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"Why, she wants to marry him," cried Father Brown, sitting up eagerly.
"I'm sorry to interrupt you, sir," she said, "but I had to follow Father Brown at once; it's nothing less than life or death."
Father Brown began to get to his feet in some disorder.
"This is very serious," said Father Brown, gathering his errant hat and umbrella and standing up; "in point of fact I was just putting your case before this gentleman, and his view--"
"By the way," said Father Brown, "might it not be as well to untie Mr Todhunter?"
Father Brown, I seriously ask you to compose your flock, for their sakes, not for mine.
Valentin had learned by his inquiries that morning that a Father Brown from Essex was bringing up a silver cross with sapphires, a relic of considerable value, to show some of the foreign priests at the congress.
The first he heard was the tail of one of Father Brown's sentences, which ended: "...
In his impatience he lost the equally elaborate answer of the tall cleric, and when he listened again it was again Father Brown who was speaking:
"Yes," said Father Brown, and passed his hand through his hair with the same strange vagueness of manner.
"Oh, one's little flock, you know!" said Father Brown, arching his eyebrows rather blankly.
"No," said Father Brown simply, and stood up also, "you won't take it by force.