Father of lies

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the Devil.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Howsever they come, they didn't ought to come, and they come from the father of lies, and work round to the same.
What, in the name of the Father of Lies, own father to yourself, was you called at that time?"
Wragge with a sweet smile on her insinuating lips, and a melting interest in her handsome black eyes, the housekeeper told her little introductory series of falsehoods with an artless truthfulness of manner which the Father of Lies himself might have envied.
It might be all in the way of the Sergeant's business to mystify an honest woman by wrapping her round in a network of lies but it was my duty to have remembered, as a good Protestant, that the father of lies is the Devil--and that mischief and the Devil are never far apart.
He also thanked Wuerl for "actions that support, stimulate and make the unity and mission of the Church grow above every kind of sterile division sown by the father of lies."
For this latest go-round, Death Angel blesses the faithful with nuggets of wisdom on how to fight for honor, defy the father of lies and unite against those who betray our trust.
Scripture tells us that Satan is the 'father of lies.' It is a clear and present danger to this country that a cabal of shameless operatives have been loosed to fictionalize the truth and foist upon us a shadowy regime of lawlessness and lies.
The Holy Father warned that the devil, the father of lies, has the uncanny ability to present evil as good.
The chief demon is known by several names: Lucifer, Satan, the Devil, Old Nick, Beelzebub, the Tempter, the Father of Lies, the Evil One, and the ancient Dragon.
Paprocki pointed to a statement made in 2010 by Pope Francis, then Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, on the eve of the passage of Argentina's same-sex marriage law, which the cardinal attributed to the "father of lies," a scriptural reference to the devil.
Over the centuries the Devil has had many names, including the Deuce, the Great Deceiver, Mephistopheles, the Father of Lies, the Prince of Darkness, Old Mr Grim, Old Scratch, Old Splitfoot, the Black Spy, the Gentleman in Black, El Diablo and Bogey.
Synopsis: The dramatic conclusion to the 'Father of Lies' trilogy.