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Noun1.Fatiha - the first or opening sura of the Quran which is the central prayer of Islam and is used on all special occasions as well as during the five daily prayers
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One Facebook user wrote: "Being muslims, we should read fatiha, and our non-muslims friends can also read fatiha or raise their hands with the one reading it.
"We have discovered there are people who went to Syria to fight as jihadists, yet they do not even know the Fatiha chapter," Abdul Lateef Al Sinan, the head of juvenile care at the ministry of social affairs and labour, said.
Au cours de cette ceremonie, Marzouki a depose une gerbe de fleurs au pied du mausolee du Leader et recite la Fatiha a sa memoire.
Sadra claims the Fatiha contains the essential message of the entire Qur'an (55), a major reason why the author has chosen to focus on this particular Tafsir.
Giving an example, he said the first chapter of the Quran (Al Fatiha) is the greatest and most comprehensive in the holy book that Muslims need to recite 17 times in the daily obligatory five prayers.
Rabat - L'athlete Fatiha Benchatki, societaire du Chabab Hay Hassani, a remporte, dimanche a Rabat, la 6e edition de la course feminine de la victoire, organisee sous le Haut Patronage de Sa Majeste le Roi Mohammed VI, sous le signe "Sport pour tous".
"My mother used to take me with her to recite the Fatiha [opening chapter of the Qur'an] for the soul of my grandmother.
Le president du CSFA a depose hier jeudi des gerbes de fleurs sur le monument du Soldat inconnu a Medinet Nasr et a recite la fatiha (premier sourate du Coran) pour le repos des ames des martyrs.
Winick Realty Group announced that Morris Fatiha Pharmacy signed a lease to open at 802 Avenue U, between East Eighth and Ninth Streets in the Gravesend neighborhood of Brooklyn.
Fatiha Kammoussi, deputy director at Alliance Francaise de Glasgow, admitted there has been a decline in numbers of up to 15 per cent across UK language schools.
PoE me de Fatiha Rahmani Aujourd'hui, la grande HumanitE[umlaut] N'a plus d'espoir La grande HumanitE[umlaut] est sans avenir Elle fuit sa patrie Elle s'en va clandestinement Elle meurt noyE[umlaut]e dans les grands ocE[umlaut]ans froids Elle meurt dE[umlaut]chiquetE[umlaut]e entre ciel et terre Sans priE re, ni sE[umlaut]pulture Elle n'a aucun espoir La grande HumanitE[umlaut], est cette inconnue Par l'indiffE[umlaut]rence dE[umlaut]truite La grande HumanitE[umlaut] Est l'agneau et aussi le loup La grande HumanitE[umlaut] Poursuit son chemin de croix PavE[umlaut]e par la mondialisation PavE[umlaut]e par la dE[umlaut]mocratie PavE[umlaut]e par le terrorisme Attendant le coup de grEoce C*Fatiha Rahmani est enseignante de franE*ais au Centre Culturel FranE*ais d'Amman.
The finishing speed of Masai earned her victory in 23mins 38secs over a 6,328-metre course in a snow-covered Exhibition Park, with Belgian Fatiha Baouf finishing third.