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Noun1.Fatihah - the first or opening sura of the Quran which is the central prayer of Islam and is used on all special occasions as well as during the five daily prayers
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The certificate for the new record was presented by MBOR research officer Nurul Fatihah Mahmood, who witnessed and verified the successful attempt at beating the previous record.
At Al Fatihah Academy in Tudor, all the 33 Grade Three pupils have been registered.
'Says (O Prophet (PBUH)); I make Dua only to my Lord (Allah Alone), and I associate none as partners along with him (20:25)' 'Of the seven most oft repeated verses is the following verse, which every Muslim says, at least 20 times every day, 'you alone do we worship, and you alone do we seek help from' (Surah Al Fatihah:5).
Armed men believed to be Abu Sayyaf members shot dead a logger on Saturday morning in Maluso town in Basilan province for being unable to say Al Fatihah, the first seven verses of the Quran.
[13.] Fatihah F, Ng BK, Hazwanie H, Norimah AK, Shanita SN, Ruzita AT, et al.
Ma Dawu opened the meeting by reciting the Fatihah of the Qur'an, after which "Tianying said a few words in English retracing Sino- Arab and Sino-Malay relations from ancient times ...
The quintessential and foundational chapter of the Quran, Al Fatihah, or the opening offer this idea of mercy, peace, gratitude, and wisdom in choosing between Good and Evil.
The lawsuit on behalf of 29-year-old Rajaee Fatihah, an employee of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, was filed in US District Court in Muskogee against the owners of Save Yourself Survival and Tactical Gun Range in the small town of Oktaha.
Fatihah, who is on the board of the Oklahoma Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), went to the gun range after he found out that it had posted the sign.
Byline: Mohd Pouzi Hamzah Wan Fatin Fatihah Yahya Noor Maizura Mohamad Noor Mohamad Nor Hassan Nur Fadila Akma Mamat and Mohd Arizal Shamsil Mat Rifin
Mohd Rafie Johan, Nurul Azri Khalisah Aznan, Soo Teng Yee, Ing Hong Ho, Soo Wern Ooi, Noorsaiyyidah Darman Singho, and Fatihah Aplop