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also Fat·i·mah  (făt′ə-mə) 606?-632?
Daughter of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. She married Ali, among the first to embrace Islam, and is regarded by Muslims as one of the Four Perfect Women.


A village of west-central Portugal north-northeast of Lisbon. It became a pilgrimage site after the reported appearance of the Virgin Mary to three children in 1917.
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Noun1.Fatimah - youngest daughter of the prophet Mohammed and wife of the fourth calif Ali; revered especially by Shiite Muslims (606-632)
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Fatima Al Zahra, a student of Islamic studies and science at the Malaya University, said: "I have learnt a lot about the people and environment in Scotland.
In the women's open, Fatima Al Zahra of Al Shabab Club was too good for Dana Shtaf from the Sharjah Ladies Club, while Abdul Rahman Haffour of Bani Yas walked away with the boys' under-15 title.
Hazrat Ali ibn Talib (RU) and Hazrat Fatima Al Zahra, some of the most revered personalities of Islam, were the parents of Imam Hassan and Hussain (RU), who embraced shahadat in standing up to Yazid.