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 (făt′ə-mĭd′) also Fat·i·mite (-mīt′)
A Muslim dynasty that ruled North Africa and parts of Egypt (909-1171).


1. (Historical Terms) a member of the Muslim dynasty, descended from Fatima, daughter of Mohammed, and Ali, her husband, that ruled over North Africa and parts of Egypt and Syria (909–1171)
2. (Historical Terms) Also called: Fatimite a descendant of Fatima and Ali


(ˈfæt ə mɪd)

also Fat•i•mite


1. any caliph of the North African dynasty, 909–1171, claiming descent from Fatima and Ali.
2. any descendant of Fatima and Ali.
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Located in Al-Moez Street in Islamic Cairo, Al-Azhar mosque is also a main stop for tourists to witness Muslims' lifestyles back in 972 BC when it was built during the Fatimid Dynasty.
Academics speculate that this sumptuous object was commissioned by the rising Fatimid dynasty as a gift to the Byzantine emperor, proclaiming Fatimid power.
Al- Qabbanji added, during Friday prayers at the Grand Fatimid Husseini in Najaf, that the Government, Integrity and Judiciary should open the files of corruption and recover the funds from the whales who plundered billions from the Iraqi people's money at a time when the government is moving a campaign of reforms in response to the call of the religious authority, stressing that the basic problem is not in the salaries of employees, but in those major corruption files.
Syed Azhar Rizvi celebrates being an active member of the Fatimid Foundation, which fights thalassemia and other genetic blood disorders.
One such story narrates that the Fatimid Caliph al Hakim Bi-Amr Illah wanted to light the streets of Cairo during Ramadan nights.
This corpus of documents originated in a Geniza-type depository kept in the Grand Mosque of Damascus during the Fatimid and Ayyubid periods, which was salvaged and transferred to Istanbul in 1893.
Some historians believe the custom of firing the Ramadan cannon dates back as far as 10th century Egypt, when one of the Fatimid caliphs ordered a cannon be placed on Cairo's Muqatam Hill so all Muslims would hear the signal to break their fasts.
They include Sindh University of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT Sukkur), The Hunar Foundation, Fatimid Foundation Kidney Centre, Quetta, Omair Sana Foundation, Children Cancer Hospital, Poor Patient Aid Society, Child Aid Association (NICH Karachi), WWF-Pakistan, Thal Limited, SoS Village, Make-a-wish Foundation and Markaz-e-Umeed.
LAHORE -- Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Ltd, organized a blood donation camp at its plant located in Lahore with the help of Fatimid Foundation.
In the XI century the famous Tajik traveler Nasir Khusraw visited the capital of the Fatimid dynasty and referred to Cairo in his book "Safar-Nameh" as an incomparable city.
The camp in collaboration with Fatimid Foundation on Wednesday also aimed to provide awareness and prevention of Thalassaemia in Pakistan.
Attendees will learn about a range of topics -- from the secrets of pen shaving, to Nasta'aliq typography and the basic rules in Kufic Fatimid calligraphy.