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 (făt′ə-mĭd′) also Fat·i·mite (-mīt′)
A Muslim dynasty that ruled North Africa and parts of Egypt (909-1171).


1. (Historical Terms) a member of the Muslim dynasty, descended from Fatima, daughter of Mohammed, and Ali, her husband, that ruled over North Africa and parts of Egypt and Syria (909–1171)
2. (Historical Terms) Also called: Fatimite a descendant of Fatima and Ali


(ˈfæt ə mɪd)

also Fat•i•mite


1. any caliph of the North African dynasty, 909–1171, claiming descent from Fatima and Ali.
2. any descendant of Fatima and Ali.
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Recent secondary literature on Fatimid institutions, historiography, and the Fatimid Isma'ili da'wa work to circumvent a narration that is in keeping with the presentation of the Yemeni-Tayyibi historical sources, which not only date from a much later period but aim to make evident the concerns of the Isma'ili da'wa in the post-Fatimid "diaspora.
PESHAWAR -- Caretaker Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Justice (R) Tariq Pervez Khan lauded the role of Fatimid Foundation by providing free medical treatment and blood transfusion facility to the poor patients of Thalasaemia.
In the shadows of the master; Al-Mutanabbi's legacy and the quest for the center in Fatimid and Andalusian poetry.
The idea of mesaharati emerged from an old Fatimid tradition of what was called al-tasheer, she said, adding that her seasonal work involves singing some songs about Ramadan and the value of fasting.
Al-Moez Street comprises some of Egypt's most outstanding mosques, Islamic schools, palaces, cemeteries and hospitals, all of which date back to the Fatimid, Ayyubbid, Mamluk and Ottoman dynasties that ruled Egypt for over eight centuries.
Designed by Rami El Dahan and Soheir Farid of El Dahan & Farid Engineering Consultants from Cairo, the building was inspired by Fatimid architecture of old Egypt and Syria.
Emir of Cordoba (912); faced with grave internal disorders, he gradually reestablished control over Muslim Spain, and proclaimed himself caliph of Cordoba (January 16, 929); stemmed the inroads of Leon and Navarre in a long series of vigorous border campaigns (922-961), but was defeated by Ramiro II of Leon at Simancas (934) and Zamora (937); halted the Fatimid advance in North Africa, keeping Morocco under his dominion; established a powerful fleet, and dominated the waters of the western Mediterranean; his capital city of Cordoba, with 500,000 inhabitants, was the greatest center of culture and learning in Europe, boasting Europe's first school of medicine.
Ever since the Fatimid era, fanous, which are decorative lanterns crafted specifically for the holy month, are a sign that Ramadan is near.
PESHAWAR -- World Thalassemia Day was celebrated in Peshawar at Fatimid Foundation Center here on Saturday.
which was organised by the University's Blood Donors Society (BDS) and Fatimid Foundation, in connection with the upcoming World Thalassemia
and Italy, documentation of an Ottoman excavation in Syria, the Rajputs of South Asia, church destruction in the Fatimid Era, placemaking in Sephardic Salonica, Al-Hairi's Maqamat, the patronage of Vizier Mirza Salman, and an Iskandarnama of Nizami produced for Ibrahim Sultan.
Al- Qabbanji added, during Friday prayers at the Grand Fatimid Husseini in Najaf, that the Government, Integrity and Judiciary should open the files of corruption and recover the funds from the whales who plundered billions from the Iraqi people's money at a time when the government is moving a campaign of reforms in response to the call of the religious authority, stressing that the basic problem is not in the salaries of employees, but in those major corruption files.