Fatty tumor

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(Med.) a tumor consisting of fatty or adipose tissue; lipoma.
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In case 2, a retroperitoneal fatty tumor was discovered after primary excision despite not being detected on preoperative imaging.
[10] Kransdorf MJ, Bancroft LW, Peterson JJ, Murphey MD, Foster WC, Temple HT Imaging of fatty tumor: distinction of lipoma and well-differentiated liposarcoma.
Gery in 1914 to describe a specific type of fatty tumor which bore a strong resemblance to the hibernating glands of certain mammals 1.
This method of case inclusion represents a selection bias given the prior documentation by reading radiologists of the terms "lipo-" or "fat" Lesions with concerning heterogeneity, nodularity, or stranding in which the MRI evaluation suggested a more aggressive diagnosis than a lipomatous or fatty tumor would be excluded using this method of selection.
A A lipoma is a fatty tumor that forms between the skin and the underlying muscle layer, usually on the neck, shoulders, back, arms or legs.
Levine presented an MRI image of a 10-cm fatty tumor that had been misread as a 3.4-cm ovary via ultrasonographic (US) imaging.
In response to concerns about a recurrence of the fatty tumor, a repeat excision with more comprehensive histopathology was performed.
The patient reported knowledge of a small, fatty tumor in her left lung that was discovered approximately five years ago during work-up for her atrial fibrillation.
The biopsy revealed "some type of fatty tumor and might possible [sic] represent a hemartoma [sic] versus a lipoblastoma." There were no indications of malignancy in the biopsy test results..
Born with a fatty tumor in her spinal chord, Hadachi underwent an operation two years ago to remove a tumor from her neck that was pressuring her nerves but subsequently became paralyzed in all four limbs.
Another type of benign tumor often seen in people with FMEN1 is a plum-sized, fatty tumor called a lipoma, which grows under the skin.