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 (foust) also Faus·tus (fou′stəs, fô′-)
A magician and alchemist in German legend who sells his soul to the devil in exchange for power and knowledge.

[German, after Johann Faust (1480?-1540?), German magician and alchemist.]

Faust′i·an (fou′stē-ən) adj.
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1. of or relating to Faust, esp reminiscent of his bargain with the devil
2. (European Myth & Legend) of or relating to Faust, esp reminiscent of his bargain with the devil
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(ˈfaʊ sti ən)

1. of, pertaining to, or typical of Faust.
2. sacrificing spiritual values for power, knowledge, or material gain.
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Adj.1.Faustian - pertaining to or resembling or befitting Faust or Faustus especially in insatiably striving for worldly knowledge and power even at the price of spiritual values; "a Faustian pact with the Devil"
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[ˈfaʊstɪən] ADJde Fausto
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(Sat/Sun, mac) *** Shrek Forever After 3D (U) A faustian deal finds Shrek in another reality where he and Fiona have never met.
"But that's the Faustian deal you do when you start a tribute band, and I think we chose the best one.
In addition to these flawed premises, the next president will almost certainly be advised to acknowledge Syrian "influence" in Lebanon, and include this recognition--along with a Faustian deal to absolve Syria of any possible involvement in the 2005 murder of former Lebanese Premier Rafik Hariri--in any grand deal.
They will ensure that they maintain their hold and that the foreign management would be compelled to make a Faustian deal with them.
Didn't Gitano fall years ago from haute to hardly couture, by striking a Faustian deal for distribution with the aforementioned Kmart?
Clay Carter, a public defender facing burn-out and the loss of the woman he loves, accepts a Faustian deal from a mysterious man to represent tort clients, rapidly earning $15 million.
After some sly negotiating, a Faustian deal is struck to ensure the desired outcome (and shared income).
What I don't support is a pop star having a Faustian deal with corporate America."
By the time church officials tried to break their Faustian deal with Franco, almost thirty-four years had gone by, and they had a lot to answer for.
To avoid this, a Faustian deal was made: Berisha pursued moderate policies in Kosovo and Macedonia and was left to run Albania as he wished.
A Faustian deal may beat it, but, again, it costs one no less than one's soul.
Martin Espada has become a known poet, and today one becomes thus usually by not speaking the rude truth, by not "bombarding the palace" (see below), and by making a Faustian deal with some university president.