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 (foust) also Faus·tus (fou′stəs, fô′-)
A magician and alchemist in German legend who sells his soul to the devil in exchange for power and knowledge.

[German, after Johann Faust (1480?-1540?), German magician and alchemist.]

Faust′i·an (fou′stē-ən) adj.
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Noun1.Faustus - an alchemist of German legend who sold his soul to Mephistopheles in exchange for knowledgeFaustus - an alchemist of German legend who sold his soul to Mephistopheles in exchange for knowledge
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Faustus,' a treatment of the medieval story which two hundred years later was to serve Goethe for his masterpiece; with 'The Jew of Malta,' which was to give Shakspere suggestions for 'The Merchant of Venice'; and with
But finest of all is the description of beauty by its effects which Marlowe puts into the mouth of Faustus at the sight of Helen of Troy:
Plain man, as you see me, I find myself getting quite the reputation of a Doctor Faustus in the popular mind.
"If you don't mind trusting yourself in the clutches of Doctor Faustus," he said, with a gay smile, "I shall be delighted to see you if you are ever in the neighborhood of Barkingham."
What the devil and doctor Faustus! shan't I do what I will with my own daughter, especially when I desire nothing but her own good?" "Well, neighbour," answered Allworthy, "if you will give me leave, I will undertake once to argue with the young lady." "Will you?" said Western; "why that is kind now, and neighbourly, and mayhap you will do more than I have been able to do with her; for I promise you she hath a very good opinion of you." "Well, sir," said Allworthy, "if you will go home, and release the young lady from her captivity, I will wait upon her within this half-hour." "But suppose," said Western, "she should run away with un in the meantime?
Faustus; there were good reasons for believing either,”
'He wants you partickler; and no one else 'll do, as the devil's private secretary said ven he fetched avay Doctor Faustus,' replied Mr.
The group of four will appear at the three-week event from August 5 to 10 when they stage their adaptation of the classical play Faustus, by Christopher Marlowe.
"Technical musical studies frighten and bore me", writes Thomas Mann in his expose The Story of a Novel: The Genesis of Doctor Faustus (1961, 40), and yet he did embark on technical musical studies, and with a vigour and depth that is unmatched in the modernist period.
Doctor Faustus is a tragic character whose life and death has been depicted by the legendry playwright, Christopher Marlowe in his masterpiece play titled as Doctor Faustus published in 1604.
Stabbed to death in a pub brawl at the age of 29, atheist, homosexual, state spy: Christopher Marlowe's life is as incredible as some of his great on-stage creations, not least Dr Faustus.
Faustus is a brilliant but bored academic and scholar who believes he has exhausted the confines of human knowledge.