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A hairstyle in which the hair is longer or fixed in a ridge running from the forehead to the nape, and the sides of the head are not shaved.

[Blend of faux and mohawk.]
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businessman/peaked (aka, simply, the tapered cut), Caesar cut, The Fade (broken down to high fade, low fade, temple fade), comb over fade, high and tight, undercut (oh, there it is, not underarm or underarmor), square/flair/shape up, asymmetrical, faux hawk (mohawk's younger brother, according to the article), top knot (also known as man bun, which I had for one day, on my son's dare), long side swept, long and slicked back.
From a Boho Topsy-tail Side Braid for everyday wear to a Knotted Faux Hawk for special events--and anything you can imagine in between--Strebe provides step-by-step illustrations, instructions and product and tool requirements.
Kicking off with Karma from her second album, The Diary of Alicia Keys, the 32-year-old appeared on stage in a purple sequined top and black trousers, her hair in a faux hawk, and kept them on for the rest of the show.
Our hired gun showed up dressed in black from head to toe with a bit of a faux hawk to boot.
George Bush supporters, wimpy Democrats, celebrity gossip TV fans and teenagers with faux hawk haircuts.
It came easy to me,'' said Klapow, with piercing dark brown eyes and a casual faux hawk who now lives in Granada Hills and cruises Hollywood clubs for the latest hip-hop moves.