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a hairstyle in which a strip of hair across the top of the head is longer and higher than the hair on the sides
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A hairstyle in which the hair is longer or fixed in a ridge running from the forehead to the nape, and the sides of the head are not shaved.

[Blend of faux and mohawk.]
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Captain Marvel (aka Carol Danvers) meanwhile shifts from the tresses she sported in the last movie to a kind of sparkly Miley Cyrus undercut Jeremy Renner, returning as Hawkeye, dons a faux-hawk with a kind of pomp wave upfront and a bunch of arm tats I don't remember being there before, which definitely qualifies as some kind of middle-aged crisis.
Once Black Widow goes to find Barton in Japan after the time skip, he's traded his arrows for a sword, inked his entire left arm like he's about to hand you a flyer for his Dashboard Confessional cover band, and shaped his hair into an unholy faux-hawk.
Lin, who wore a "faux-hawk" and braided his hair in the past, said he changed his hairstyles quite often during his career to leave his "comfort zone," and was initially hesitant to start the dreadlock process. 
Then her hair was trimmed down to a pixie style before it was morphed into a short faux-hawk look.
and Tilda Swinton, sporting a platinum faux-hawk, also attended the three-hour celebration.
If Tiangco would be proven wrong, he would be the one to make a complete hairstyle make-over, the opposition solon, known for his faux-hawk salt-and-pepper hair, said.
She didn''t disappoint, showing versatility by choosing a feminine strapless Christian Dior Haute Couture number for the opening ceremony, let down only by her bizarre choice of hairstyle (dubbed the faux-hawk), followed by a black silk Alexander McQueen dress.
Otherwise, I think it'll kind of grow out naturally, go back to a normal Mohawk or faux-hawk. Maybe not so vibrant."
Yeah, but never cutting your hair ever has to be way hotter than having a faux-hawk.
Ill be sitting in the front row, all genderqueer with my faux-hawk and faded Diesel jeans, just boyish enough to catch David's eye, at which point he'll say to me, in his demure Truman Capote--esque voice, "Tania Katan?
JLO takes a walk on the wild side in a leopardprint Michael Kors dress with her hair in a punkinspired 'faux-hawk'.
She wore her hair pulled back in a bun with a subtle faux-hawk atop her head.