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(fəˈvoʊ ni əs)

the ancient Roman personification of the west wind.
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Conimbriga, Condeixa-a-Velha: Decur(iones) Transcudani (CIL II *40), en el testamento falso de Gallus Favonius.
Leopold de Rothschild (1845-1917) This merchant banker and popular sportsman was a nephew of Baron Mayer de Rothschild, owner of Derby winner Favonius.
Winners of the event, organized by the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, were Enrico Scerni's Kora 4 (ITA) in the Club Swan 42 division, Roel Pieper's Favonius (BVI) in the Maxi division, John Bainbridge's Zen (GBR) in the Classic division and Earlybird (GER), owned by Christian Nagel and Hendrik Brandis in the Swan 45 division.
Maecenas, too, owned vast estates, including one previously owned by Marcus Favonius that came with Sarmentus, the entertaining scurra of Horace Sat.
In Middle High German, this wind was known as foenne, in its turn derived from the Latin favonius, the term for a warm spring wind.
Laetus olor gelidis fluviis gaudere videtur, gaudet illimi fonte poeta suo; dulcia Laedaeus modulatur carmina cygnus, cum flores Zephyri lenior aura fovet; purpureo vates cum vere Favonius inflat, arguto resonum fundit ab ore melos.
Baron Rothschild's Favonius at 9-1 won the 1871 Derby - plus the Oaks, 1,000 Guineas and St Leger in the same year.
Favonius, the west wind, is found standing in front of an altar inscribed with the legend, "Jovi Hospitali Sacrum'.
Domitius (Ahenobarbus or Calvinus), Scipio, Favonius.
May 24, 1871 Favonius, a maiden, won the Derby on his second start, and only just after being named.
A small consolation for the Australians in the one-sided contest came back at the dock when, in a display of great sportsmanship, they were given a standing ovation by the crew of Roland Pieper's fourth placed Favonius (NED).