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1. a province in N central Egypt: many archaeological remains. 691 sq. mi. (1790 sq. km).
2. Also called El Faiyum .the capital of this province, SW of Cairo. 227,300.
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Aegyptopithecus, or the Egyptian monkey, was a tree-dwelling primate that lived 30 million years ago in the Fayum area when it was a swampy forest with a great density of other mammals.
AaAaAeAat also led to the formation of new settlements in the Delta and t Fayum.
De forma concreta podemos distinguir siete grandes areas: los suburbios circundantes a la ciudad de Cairo, Siwa, El Fayum, el entorno de Amarna, Dahla, Luxor y la region de Asuan (Cooper 2000; Calvo Trias y Garcia Rossello 2012).
The Desert Fayum Reinvestigated: The Early to Mid-Holocene Landscape Archaeology of the Fayum North Shore, Egypt
Ahmed Gad Al-Beltagi: Accused of being a Muslim Brotherhood member in Fayum Governorate.
During the period 1924 to 1935 the University of Michigan carried out a series of excavations at Karanis (Kom Aushim) and related sites in the Fayum region of Egypt.
We rushed to the museum and found it--a second-to third-century CE Fayum portrait.
This investment will support the development of Merlon s oil and gas concession in the El Fayum area of Egypt.
Los retratos de Fayum, que identificaban y conservaban la apariencia de los muertos en Egipto a comienzos de la era cristiana, han aparecido una y otra vez a lo largo de su vida de artista, muchas veces en paralelo con los rostros de personajes del siglo XX o de desaparecidos en Chile.
Coins and medals from the ancient world have held a place in collections since they first appeared, but here they join Roman glass tear drop bottles, 5th century clay oil lamps made from Nile silt, wonderful painted portraits from the Fayum area of Roman-Egypt, showing the face of the person beneath the mummy wrappings, collections of North American sharp-pointed projectile tips, chipped from flint by hunter-gatherers roughly 10,000 years old and post-dating the last Ice Age.
Ese tenebroso linaje discurre por la estatua yacente de Santa Cecilia y a traves de los retratos de El Fayum, donde las egipcias momificadas nos contemplan desde el mas alla con sus inmensos ojos negros.
hubo una colonia de soldados judios en las afueras de varias ciudades y pueblos en El Fayum (cfr.