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A featherbrain.

feath′er·head′ed adj.


(ˈfɛð ərˌbreɪn)

a foolish or giddy person; scatterbrain.
feath′er•brained`, adj.
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About 20 members of the local Indian tribe the Pataxos dressed in traditional grass skirts, feather head dresses and bows danced round Klose and sang to him.
Appearing from behind two giant hand-held fans in a midnight blue evening gown and huge feather head piece, hers is a glamour of a by-gone age.
The study, published in the journal Science Express, looked at how mutations give pigeons certain traits, such as feather head crests - present in all 350 species of rock pigeon.
Young Molly and Daisy, wearing enormous feather head dresses, appeared in the film as the character's 'younger self' and were there to support their mum at the screening.
Pearly queen Dee Russell, 70, from Shoreditch, east London caught the eye of many in her traditional costume embellished with pearl beads and buttons and a royal wedding feather head dress.
Clean, well-shaped fresh brown eggs, bright, hand-shined apples, a feather head dress, crocheted baby clothes, and dozens of artists' creations also are displayed for judging at the fair.
Mrs Sting looked a picture of elegance in a fitted Chanel dress and jacket, topped off with flamboyant feather head gear and rock-chick shoes.
Washington, Feb 1 ( ANI ): Scientists have decoded the genetic blueprint of the rock pigeon, revealing secrets about pigeons' Middle East origins, feral pigeons' kinship with escaped racing birds and how mutations give pigeons traits like feather head crests.
Yellow maxi dress, pounds 175; feather head band, pounds 30, both Coast@Frasers.
Her white and red feather head piece was borrowed from entertainer Danny La Rue.