Feather moss

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any moss branched in a feathery manner, esp. several species of the genus Hypnum.

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I am not sure whether it was the efforts of the team to route and re-route theoretical lines across the hill, avoiding neolithic cairns and the internationally rare slender green feather moss, or the fear amongst beleaguered consultees of being dragged out on yet another bitterly cold site visit, but finally a local route was agreed.
In young trees, shading and increased moisture from trapped sn ow coincide with feather moss establishment and a deep active layer, resulting in higher ground temperatures and faster tree growth.
Underneath the branches, the mounds of fibric peat were mostly composed of dead feather moss and spruce needles.
The feather moss vegetation under island A was characteristic of nearby snow beds that have also been associated with increased ground thaw in summer (e.g., Gill, 1975).
Compared to the oldest islands, younger islands in this study had warmest ground temperatures and faster growth rates, especially during the feather moss phase of development.
Feather mosses such as Tomenthypnum nitens and Pleurozium schreberi dominated beneath the basal branches.
"The point," interjects Paul, "is that feather moss and ferns in such a regrowth can't be used by wildlife-not enough nutrition.