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A trademark for an express shipping service. This trademark often occurs in print in lowercase as a noun or verb: "For years, people in offices across the United States have talked about 'fedexing packages' and receiving or sending 'fedexes'" (Laurel Shaper Walters).


vb (tr)
(Communications & Information) to send by courier, specifically when using the services of the FedEx company


v. -exed, -ex•ing,
n. Informal. v.t.
1. to send or ship by Federal Express.
2. a parcel sent by Federal Express.


Trademark. Federal Express.
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Tenders are invited for Provision Of services for rates and charges review and methodology development The Airport is currently used as a regional sort facility by Fed Ex Express.
This Fed Ex Route is a very profitable business which runs on auto pilot.
Fed Ex said it doesn't plan on adding the jobs any time soon.
As the prime relocation service provider for Fed Ex for nearly a year, Stokes moves about 1,600 of their employees each year, totaling $5 million in revenues.