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 (fĕ-dä′yē′, -dä′ē′, -dă′-)
n. pl. fe·da·yeen (-yēn′, -ēn′)
A commando or guerrilla, especially an Arab commando operating in the Middle East.

[Arabic fidā'ī, one who sacrifices himself, from fidā', sacrifice, ransom, from fadā, to sacrifice, ransom; see pdy in Semitic roots.]


n, pl -yeen (-jiːn)
(sometimes capital) (in Arab states) a commando, esp one fighting against Israel
[from Arabic fidā'i one who risks his life in a cause, from fidā' redemption]


(fɛ dɑˈyi)

n., pl. -yeen (-ˈyin)
a member of an Arab commando group operating esp. against Israel.
[1950–55; < dial. Arabic fidā'ī (pl. fidā'īyīn) one who sacrifices himself (especially for his country)]
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Resistance activists were called Fedayees, in reference to offering their souls as a sacrifice for the homeland.
"All That's Left to You" (1966) was the second part of Kanafani's first novel "Men in the Sun" in which he propagated the fedayees' visions in struggling and resisting the occupation.
Sabahi openly threatened rulers of the Islamic world and killed many of them, such as Nizamulmulk who was assassinated by the fedayees (commandos) of Hassan Sabah.