Federal Home Loan Bank System

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Noun1.Federal Home Loan Bank System - the central credit system for thrift institutions
financial institution, financial organisation, financial organization - an institution (public or private) that collects funds (from the public or other institutions) and invests them in financial assets
Home Loan Bank - one of 11 regional banks that monitor and make short-term credit advances to thrift institutions in their region
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The Federal Home Loan Banks (FHLBanks, or FHLBank System) are 11 US government-sponsored banks that provide reliable liquidity to member financial institutions (not individuals) to support housing finance and community investment.
From 2001 to 2005, the consolidated assets of the Federal Home Loan Banks increased on average 8.8 percent per year before they leveled off in 2006.
The Federal Home Loan Banks of Chicago and Dallas announced last week that they are considering combining the business operations of the two institutions.
According to Schultz, the lack of a unanimous position among the 12 Federal Home Loan Banks can be overcome, and their differences should not prevent good public policy.
FICO's own capital came from the Federal Home Loan banks in an amount capped at $3 billion.
In addition, under a joint lending program the Federal Reserve Banks and Federal Home Loan Banks will share in meeting the liquidity needs of thrift institutions that cannot be met by Federal Home Loan Bank advances under traditional collateral standards, or market sources of funds.
In 1984 alone, the Federal Home Loan Banks Board found "serious appraisal problems" in 359 S&Ls with property values boosted $1.8 billion over their actual worth.
In addition to the USD 7 million in grants and donations, FHLB Dallas and the other Federal Home Loan Banks have committed USD 1 million to assist with immediate disaster relief efforts.
THE FEDERAL HOME LOAN BANK OF CHICAgo has announced that through an exclusive agreement with Eagan, Minnesota-based AllRegs, mortgage lenders participating in the Federal Home Loan Banks' (FHLB) Mortgage Partnership Finance[R] (MPF) program now have access to the MPF Origination and Servicing Guides via the Internet.
The US Congress created the Federal Home Loan Bank System, which includes 11 Federal Home Loan Banks, in 1932 to promote housing finance,
Additionally, he currently serves as chairman of the Council of Federal Home Loan Banks.
The Federal Home Loan Banks support the efforts of local members to help provide financing for America's homebuyers.

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