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Today, individual federal income taxes raise approximately $1 trillion from 150 million tax returns.
Synopsis: Fifty-three percent of Americans, according to a recent Gallup Poll, say their federal income taxes are too high, but most consider them to be fair.
If they don't, members of the clergy must make quarterly estimated payments for federal income taxes and self-employment taxes to avoid penalties for underpayment of taxes.
As a result, the effective income tax burden, including federal income taxes, is 9-11% on pre-tax income.
Refunds or abatements of federal income taxes constitute a return of capital.
Their tax returns show that for both 1997 and 1996 they paid more than twice as much in federal income taxes as the law required.
Federal Income Tax Allocations: Should the new special election be made to conform the allocation of federal income taxes for E&P purposes with the method now mandated for basis purposes?
We feel you should look at more than just federal income taxes in determining a corporation's fair share of taxes.
The Fund will pursue its objectives by evaluating returns on an after-tax basis, seeking to minimize and defer shareholder federal income taxes.
The adjustments include a deduction for federal income taxes paid; charitable contributions and any net operating losses are added back.
13) According to Revenue Administrative Bulletin (RAB) 1999-10,(14) foreign persons (other than insurance companies and certain nonprofit persons) not subject to Federal income taxes under the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) and/or a provision in an applicable income tax treaty for tax years beginning before 2000 are not required to file a SBT return for those years.
Both federally and state-chartered credit unions don't pay federal income taxes.

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