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Noun1.Frederico Garcia Lorca - Spanish poet and dramatist who was shot dead by Franco's soldiers soon after the start of the Spanish Civil War (1898-1936)
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KARACHI -- National Academy of Performing Arts (Napa) is set to stage Bandhan, a play inspired by a 1932 Spanish tragedy titled Blood Wedding by Federico Garcia Lorca.
National poet Federico Garcia Lorca described it as "the one street in the world I didn't want to end".
They examine the political context of the book; comparison to the works of Erskine Caldwell; Agee's position as a southerner in the literary culture of 1930s Manhattan; the use of a cinematic eye for the sharecroppers' homes and possessions; links between Agee and writers like William Wordsworth, Arthur Schopenhauer, Fyodor Dostoevsky, John Berger, Federico Garcia Lorca, and Herman Melville; Agee as a forefather of New Journalism; his concept of irony; the conflict of art and nature in the book; and the portrayal of space.
El miercoles 17 el mundo entero rememoro a Federico Garcia Lorca.
Calling for a specifically anti-white supremacist reexamination of the archives of Black subjectivity and resistance, the author also enlists the principles of post-humanist critique in order to investigate decades of intimate dialogues between African American and Spanish intellectuals, including Salaria Kea, Federico Garcia Lorca, Nella Larsen, Langston Hughes, Richard Wright, Chester Himes, Lynn Nottage, and Pablo Picasso.
Meanwhile, concerns that the archive of works and papers written by Spanish poet and dramatist Federico Garcia Lorca might be sold, potentially to an overseas buyer, have prompted the regional administration of Madrid to recently declare the collected works as being of major cultural importance.
Contractor address : 8 Rue Federico Garcia Lorca ZI Hippodrome
La famille du poete espagnol Federico Garcia Lorca et les pouvoirs publics se dechirent sur le sort a reserver au patrimoine du poete, qui devait etre valorise dans un centre construit a cet effet a Grenade, mais reste entrepose a Madrid, rapportent des medias.
ELLA es una de las favoritas para ganar el Goya como mejor actriz por su trabajo en La novia, adaptacion de la obra Bodas de sangre de Federico Garcia Lorca.
For anyone who is passionate about the theatre, drama and tragedy, a performance of The House of Bernarda Alba by Spanish dramatist Federico Garcia Lorca should be something not to be missed.
The concert to be attended by representatives of the London cultural, political, media and diplomatic spheres, Sonia Mbarek will perform a selection of songs produced by internationally-renowned Tunisian, Arab and Mediterranean authors and composers including Aboul-Qacem Echebbi, Ali Douagi, Hedi Jouini, Faouzi Chkili, Nizar Kabbani, Laura Daccache, Federico Garcia Lorca and others who have marked Tunisian and international music.
Most frequently, those influences come from the languages of the Iberian peninsula, like Calderon and Quevedo, Vicente Aleixandre and Federico Garcia Lorca, Fernando Pessoa and Salvador Espriu.