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Charging a fee for each service performed: a fee-for-service health insurance policy.
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There are three categories: traditional charities, fee for service charities and support organizations.
This program would allow all fee-for-service plans in Medicare to compete with a new entity called the Enhanced Regional Fee For Service plans (EFFS) and Medicare Advantage plans (the old Medicare+Choice) through a premium support program.
In a fee for service system, doctors are paid every time they provide a service, so some may have the incentive to do more than what could be considered medically necessary in the delivery of patient care.
Under fee for service, once a clinical transaction occurs and financial accounts for it are settled, neither provider nor payer has a financial incentive to incur the costs of maintaining electronic records of the transaction.
Clinton's academic experts are convinced that a reformed, and more efficient, fee-for-service system should not be put in place because enrollees might choose fee for service over managed care.