Fee fund

(Scot. Law) certain court dues out of which the clerks and other court officers are paid.

See also: Fee

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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'In order to successfully implement this program, Pakistan Customs has not only deployed capable resources but has also allocated part of the Goods Declaration fee fund to fast track the in-house development and early deployment of the PSW.
He said, 'Apart from this, the government has not released the students' fee fund to the boards,' he complained.
A matched pair is constructed when the high fee and low fee fund in an actual pair is replaced by a very similar fund in the same investment style that belongs to the same decile in terms of total fees and total net assets in the corresponding year, but that is not in the same fund family.
As part of the settlement, Biomet will deposit $50 million into an escrow account and another $6 million into an attorney fee fund, the filing showed.
O'Brien said, the container fee fund has generated $37,232, and that money will be available for release shortly.
The transportation fee fund only gets about $1.8 million annually, so the city will borrow from a reserve in the parks system development fee fund and pay it back later with future transportation fee collections, Corey said.
These changes pertain to: low income exclusions, the establishment of a school impact fee fund, appropriation of the school impact fees, and refund procedures.
For the other variables, the presence of an independent chair in the low fee funds decreases the likelihood of receiving a lower allocation of underpriced IPOs with eight of the 12 specifications presenting a significantly negative relationship between an independent chair dummy in the low fee fund and an unequal allocation of underpriced IPOs.