Feed head

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A cistern for feeding water by gravity to a steam boiler.
(Founding) An excess of metal above a mold, which serves to render the casting more compact by its pressure; - also called a riser, deadhead, or simply feed or head

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Tenders are invited for procurement of ball mill feed head
What you get: Cordless grass trimmer with bump feed head, 23cm cutting width, adjustable handle, 30 minutes running time.
'We constantly try out new features, design changes and ranking updates to understand how we can make Facebook better for everyone,' News Feed head Adam Moressi said in a blog post for the site.
John Gilmore Managing Director said, The order from Peru is for a Mini 76 TH and a Mini 76 UVH, the latter being a UV roller coating machine with a Heidelberg Speedmaster feed head.
hydropneumatic feed head trjwrzecionowej ( also by steel)
"They allowed us to feed heads of lettuce to one of the hippos," he says.