Feed heater

(Steam Engine) A vessel in which the feed water for the boiler is heated, usually by exhaust steam.
- Knight.
A boiler or kettle in which is heated food for stock.
See under Feed.

See also: Feed, Feed, Heater

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The NGC's indoor unit (IDU) includes a built-in 10 MHz reference source as well as environmental controls for the feed heater and, because of the terrain in which it will operate, a sand/dust deviator.
Spare parts for hydrogen feed heater Tender no: 995814 Description: Supply and install mobile diesel engine driven screw air compressor.
2 reactor, 0.8 liter of water containing high radioactivity of an estimated 36,000 becquerels has leaked from the pipes of a moisture separator in a room with a feed heater, which sends steam to low-pressure turbines of the reactor.
Tenders are invited for Fabrication of feed heater 2 for desalter plant of ongc nawagam against so 4051 at bhel hpvp adm site
Limited Tenders are invited for Erection of scaffolding inside rr package & fresh feed heater in mrpl pfccu during shutdown as per tender specification
Limited Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Feed Heater
Tenders are invited for Amc For Running, Breakdown And Overhauling Maintenance Of Valves, Actuators, Deaerator, Feed Heaters, Piping Etc.