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A plot of ground on which livestock are fattened for market.


(Agriculture) an area or building where livestock are fattened rapidly for market


or feed′ lot`,

an area or establishment near a stockyard, where livestock are gathered to be fattened for market.
Also called feed′yard`.
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Noun1.feedlot - a building where livestock are fattened for marketfeedlot - a building where livestock are fattened for market
building, edifice - a structure that has a roof and walls and stands more or less permanently in one place; "there was a three-story building on the corner"; "it was an imposing edifice"
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"We used to play a team that had a feed lot behind their football stadium," Duncan said.
No matter that grassland contributes to carbon sequestration, the long-term storage of carbon dioxide that helps to defer global warming and mitigate climate change, or that a recent study from the University of California found grasslands are more resilient carbon sinks than forests because they are impacted less by droughts and wildfires, the general public simply doesn't understand there is a world of difference between the natural pasturebased systems we see in the Scottish uplands and the intensively reared feed lot animals produced in other parts of the globe .
"Educators, packers, producers, feed lot operators, cattlemen's associations, beef boards all the powers that be we bring them together to review the long-range plan and come up with a new one," Coffey said.
In the Dakotas, Anderson met Phil and Jill Jerde and learned how their Great Plains Buffalo Company succeeds without the brutal practices of an industrial feed lot. With a herd of one thousand bison and ten children under their keep, the Jerdes are prime examples of farmers actively pursuing a regenerative agricultural ideal.
I also need to ask whether I can do a feed lot for goats and sheep.The basic underlying principle of raising animals on feedlot is to increase the amount of meat produced as fast as possible.
Under the Plan, an investment of Rs 60 billion would be made in major areas of investment including productivity increase through genetic improvement, supporting feed lot fattening of large and small ruminants and development of meat processing and marketing infrastructure.
Corn oil is also a co-product of ethanol production that is sold to biodiesel manufacturers and to feed lot and poultry markets.
Cause and pathogenesis of middle ear infection in young feed lot cattle.
Because of its carefully cultivated offerings, Liberty Heights Fresh draws a wide variety of shoppers who have myriad goals for the food they want -- everything from eating more organics to wanting to stay clear of genetically modified foods to avoiding animals raised on a feed lot. The store's offerings can also meet food allergy and other free-from dietary requests.
coli strain is the result of the feed lot diet changing the pH in the cow's rumen.
Otros actores sociales que se encuentran en menor medida, poseen establecimientos con marcados perfiles empresariales, entre ellos, el caso de un engorde a corral o feed lot (Figura 4).
of Punjab through L and DD Department and PAMCO has taken initiative called save the Calf scheme" and the Feed Lot Fattening Project".