Feed motion

(Mach.) the train of mechanism that gives motion to the part that directly produces the feed in a machine.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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In the rock cutting process, the energy consumption is created in two different ways: energy consumption due to the rotational motion of the cutting head and energy consumption due to the feed motion of the cutting head.
The cutter feed motion in a floating caliper leads to the fact that processing is carried out, starting with the points having the maximum curvature, which corresponds to the instantaneous circles certain minimum radius which is set by the cutter inlet to the initial contour of the workpiece.
The tool does the main cutting motion and the longitudinal feed motion, followed by the angular positioning of the spindle and the cycle for each side of the polygon is repeated.
This result is due to the higher applied voltage values causing a greater current intensity during higher feed motion of tool, which leads to decrease the spike formation on the machined surface.
By the feed motion of the belt, the whole pattern surface is coated by a fine sand layer.
To reduce idle time, fast forward feed motion is then signaled again and the drill moves back into the previously drilled portion of the hole, avoiding collision with the bottom of the hole by means of the step point memory device.
The feed motion is performed as well by the vertical spindle.
The VB 801F machine features a feed motion that moves the bandsaw in x- and y-axis.
The ultrasonic stimulation used here is in the vertical direction (Z axis) to the feed motion.
Mechatronishce Systeme, Vorschube, ProzeBdiagnose (Mechatronical system, feed motion, Process diagnosis ).