Feed pipe

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a pipe for supplying the boiler of a steam engine, etc., with water.

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The Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC), in collaboration with Doha Marketing Services Company (Domasco), has announced the recall of Honda CRV models of 2017 over faulty fuel feed pipe which may leak fuel.
The Xaloy LSR package includes a specially designed screw, barrel, seal, valve and nozzle, along with other components where needed, such as a feed pipe adapter.
The automaker has taken this step because a low-pressure fuel line might not connect properly to the fuel pump feed pipe, a defect that it blames on a small batch of parts manufactured by a supplier named Dynamic Fluid Technologies.
Environment Agency officers who investigated the incident found the red diesel, which appeared to have leaked from a feed pipe, had been absorbed into the ground beneath the tank.
The feed liquid flows down through a stationary feed pipe and into the spinning centrifugal bowl.
A primary feed pipe, in a field just off Vernons Lane, burst some time between 7am and 7.30am.
The FAA has also adopted a new AD that is applicable to certain British Aerospace Model BAe 146 and Avro 146-RJ series aircraft that requires repetitive inspections of the fuel feed pipe to detect any discrepancies and repair or replacement of the fuel feed pipe with a serviceable part if necessary.
Rover Group said: "There is a possibility for the engine coolant radiator support clip to come into contact with the front brake feed pipe.
Excessive or sharp bends in the abrasive feed pipe to the wheel unit(s) can reduce its ability to deliver the necessary abrasive to the wheel.
The automaker has stopped sales because of a low-pressure fuel line that may not connect properly to the fuel pump's feed pipe. That could cause a fuel leak in the engine compartment, which could in turn start a fire.
Rover said: ''Investigations have shown that there is a possibility for the engine coolant radiator support clip to come into contact with the front brake feed pipe and in extreme circumstances this could lead to a loss of brake fluid."