Feed screw

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in lathes, a long screw employed to impart a regular motion to a tool rest or tool, or to the work.
- Knight.

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The pump and the feed screw movement are operator controlled to prevent overworking, resulting in a better product texture.
Fine-pitched thread on feed screw allows for a controlled, low-effort squeeze.
The precision valves on display included the TS7000IMP which uses a feed screw (auger) to dispense fluid with a rotary displacement action, allowing ultra-precise control of the dispensing process.
As dry or moist bulk solid material is gravity-fed into the feed inlet, a feed screw redirects it into the cylindrical sifting chamber.
The cooled peas were milled at a mill speed of 7200 RPM and with a feed screw speed of 25 RPM.
Using an open throat feeding system with a patented feed screw design, executives said products positively feed into the rotor/stator element of the pump.
features an easy loading/unloading profile, a stainless steel mixing ribbon and a feed screw that operates at right angles to its conical hopper.
New Castle Industries, established in 1966, specializes in the design engineering and manufacturing of feed screw and bimetallic barrels for extrusion and injection molding machinery.
According to Netzsch, this increases capacity to 50% more than the standard feed screw design.
5 mm single screw extruder, examining the effect of degree of starvation on a conventional and barrier feed screw.
Simultaneous feed of two axes is possible by using a floating plate, thus eliminating runout of the feed screw.