Feed water

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water supplied to a steam boiler, etc.

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Traditionally this has been provided by a separate supplier, who will undertake water testing and on-site services to achieve the required feed water condition.
Also in Lippendorf, ion exchange resins from Lanxess"s Lewatit product range have been used to treat boiler feed water before and after reverse osmosis for around 15 years.
By using ELM10 to meter the energy into the boiler (in the feed water) and compare it with the useful energy leaving the boiler (in the steam) boiler operators can gain a true picture of the actual energy efficiency of their boiler.
Implementing an effective feed water storage system will help to avoid corrosion damage in the boiler and steam and condensate loop.
The boiler system shares one feed water system including two 50 HP (37.3kW) feed water pumps driven by electrical constant speed motors.
The aim of the study is chiefly to treat the feed water (TFT-LCD effluent) by Ti[O.sub.2]-film photocatalysis to improve water quality or increase the permeate flux of the ultrafiltration membrane, which may enhance the recycling and reuse of wastewater.
The secret to the ST module is its patented fluid dynamics and open channel construction that enables unrestricted and fully turbulent feed water to seamlessly flow across the system without trapping aqueous suspended solids inside.
In Unit 1, the temperature at the feed water nozzle of the RPV is 197oC and at the bottom of the RPV is 119oC.
One of the possibilities of the flue gases heat recovery is applying for boiler feed water preheating using heat exchanger i.e.
With total organic carbon (TOC) content below 5 ppb, it provides highly pure feed water to the Thermo Scientific Barnstead Nanopure systems and links with the Thermo Scientific Barnstead TII Storage Reservoir.