Feed water

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water supplied to a steam boiler, etc.

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Also in Lippendorf, ion exchange resins from Lanxess"s Lewatit product range have been used to treat boiler feed water before and after reverse osmosis for around 15 years.
Implementing an effective feed water storage system will help to avoid corrosion damage in the boiler and steam and condensate loop.
The boiler system shares one feed water system including two 50 HP (37.
The boiler feed water will be subjected to the same initial processes, but will be diverted for carbon filtration, double-pass reverse osmosis, passed through a polishing filter and continuous electro deionization after passing through the initial sand filtration skids.
As well as intelligent monitoring of the incoming feed water the EcoPure is also programmed to carry out the following process checks:
The unit consists of a vessel containing graduated levels of support and filter media to remove particles from feed water with a size of about 10 micron and larger.
8220;While the extensive piloting required by the oil companies is a barrier, once a technology becomes accepted, the opportunity is huge and set to increase substantially with the growing need for high quality boiler feed water,” Algeo adds.
The spiral design combined with an open and narrow channel area optimizes the feed water channel and the effective membrane area.
feed water preheating the gasses are using for combustion air preheating.
An RNase kit was used to test all of the RNase A standards, negative control, feed water and hand contaminated samples.
With total organic carbon (TOC) content below 5 ppb, it provides highly pure feed water to the Thermo Scientific Barnstead Nanopure systems and links with the Thermo Scientific Barnstead TII Storage Reservoir.
The company faces US$222,500 in proposed fines after two OSHA inspections, an inspection conducted as part of OSHA's National Emphasis Program on Petroleum Refinery Process Safety Management, and an inspection opened in response to a June 4 accident in which three workers suffered serious burns after being sprayed with hot boiler feed water while they were performing maintenance, said Jose A.