Feed wheel

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(Mach.) a kind of feeder. See Feeder, n., 8.

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The FM 2000 features PLC strip length control and power-assisted feed wheel and can apply PUR adhesive directly to the banding material.
* Equipped with internal hydraulic drive on the feed wheel, as well as a six-tooth drive sprocket on the bed chain, torque is increased to both the yoke and the infeed chain, eliminating wayward debris and congestion at the mill site, according to a news release from the manufacturer.
The load control program can optimize performance of the engine by counting the rpm of the teeth on the feed wheel as the machine feed rate slows down.
* The machine has a drum and feed wheel both 28 1/2 inches wide, and the six knife pockets allow three full cuts per revolution, which increases chipping efficiency.
The machine's cycle involves both the large feed wheel shown and the long lever the operator is leaning against in the photo.
* Morbark Igan Feed System automatically adjusts feed rates, pressures and feed wheel positions.
* Morbark's Iqan Feed System automatically adjusts feed rates, pressures and feed wheel positions to optimize production and engine efficiency.
All assessments were carried out on harvesting operations that were using mechanized processor heads with chains over rubber feed wheels. A total of 450 stems were assessed.
Finally, the study was restricted to bark loss from delimbing and bucking machines, which had rubber feed wheels with chains over them.
This company says the new Quad Wheel feed system for its Brush Bandit[R] chippers boasts four hydraulic feed wheels, making them easy to feed and very effective in collapsing limbs and branches because they come in contact with more surface area.
In the case of feed wheels, the tip of a tooth receives the most punishment.